Meal plans let you figure out your family's meals for a few days...

But what are you supposed to do after that?

Raise your hand if...

🤔 You want to plan your family's meals in advance, but have no idea where to start.

🤔 Even if you DO come up with a meal plan for the week, you feel puzzled about how to make cooking all that food easier (isn’t that what meal plans are supposed to help us with?)

🤔 You’d love it if a magic fairy helped you organize all those mismatched pieces of paper you’ve been using for your shopping lists, menu ideas, etc.

This is why...

The Vegan Meal Planning Starter Kit is EXACTLY what you need!

Vegan meal planning starter kit templates
  • NO MORE CONFUSION - Easily keep track of your family's favorite recipes, ingredients for each meal, things to buy at the store, etc.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO DINNERTIME MEAL CHOICE HEADACHE - Know what you'll be cooking for dinner every day before the week even starts.
  • CUT DOWN ON PREP DAY MESS - Have a clear idea what foods need to be prepped in advance IF you choose to have a prep day

Get the whole 25-page kit of printable

meal planning templates, checklists, guides, etc.

to finally get your mealtime and kitchen organization under control!

The Vegan Meal Planning Starter Kit will finally help you to:

➡️ Plan out your meals for the week (dinner only or breakfast, lunch and dinner) or the whole month

➡️ Know exactly what ingredients you'll need for each meal

➡️ Use a streamlined grocery shopping list template made specifically for the vegan diet (no meat or dairy sections!)

➡️ Have a list of recipes for when you're all out of ideas for what to cook for your family

➡️ Write down your favorite recipes on a simple printable recipe card

➡️ IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO MEAL PREP IN ADVANCE: Keep track of everything you need to prep, sort, and refrigerate

Vegan Meal Planning Starter Kit

Ready to unleash your own vegan meal planning rockstar?


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